The MTP4 GSM text pager that can be connected to almost any 12~24v alarm system - vehicle or home alarm. If the alarm is activated, the MTP4 instantly sends warning text messages to your mobile phone. The MTP4 also monitors the charge of your vehicle battery and automatically sends an alert message if it becomes low !
No monitoring costs - just the cost of SIM card text messages.


This message will be sent if the vehicle alarm is fully sounding.
If the vehicle battery is removed or drops below normal operating voltage (<12V). Attend to the vehicle immediately and charge the vehicle battery.
The back-up battery needs replacing (9v alkaline).* Not applicable on 24 volt vehicles

Pulse output - eg: Unlock your doors by a text message
Continuous output - eg: Text controlled engine immobiliser
(starter motor recommended)

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Mongoose GSM Text Pager
Autowatch 773 GSM Text Pager
Vehicle GSM Text Paging Systems have become an affordable security device that can add extra security to your vehicle by sending an sms notification to an allocated mobile phone each time the car alarm has been triggered. This is especially usefull if your vehicle is parked  in an area where the siren will not be heard. GSM Text Paging Systems must be wired to a car alarm system in order for them to respond to the "siren sound" output.  There are many differant types and brands of GSM Paging alarms but they all have very similar features, we stock 2 main brands, Mongoose and Autowatch, (scroll down to view) which have proven to be the most reliable over the last 5 years.
Mongoose MTP4 GSM Paging System

Status blue LED.
Pin code password protected Standby, power saving modes .
Very low power consumption.
Battery back-up.
  Hi-gain flat on-glass antenna.
Programmed by simple text messages from your mobile phone.
Suitable for 12 or 24 volt aftermarket and factory fitted alarm systems.
Key features:

Autowatch 773 GSM Paging System
NOTE: SIM card required - not included.
The 773 is a generic GSM communicator that can be used to interface with a vehicle alarm, immobiliser or fleet management systems. The system is configured via a mobile cellular phone and if triggered will relay a message to a remote control station or mobile cellular phone. The unit is extremely small (20mm x 70 mm x 45mm) and is supplied with an onboard 1 Amp Hour Lithium Ion Battery. The unit has 6 configurable inputs and outputs.
Use any existing cell phone network to communicate through SMS.
Personalised text SMS reply can be programmed via cell phone.
Four PIN security code for secure access.
Signal strength relayed with every message and LED indicator if there is a connection with the network.
12/24 volt operation.
1 Amp Hour Battery Backup.
6 configurable inputs / outputs.
Monthly SMS to retain SIM on the network.
24 month warranty.
Key features:
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