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Marine and Caravan Alarms
Protect your expensive motorboat , yacht or cruiser with an economical, purpose-built system

At last! A realistically priced, purpose built security alarm system designed to protect your marine equipment – that’s simple to operate and really works!
The 650 Marine alarm incorporates wireless PIR and reed sensors for neatness in installation. The sensors are wireless and battery operated and transmit a radio frequency to the alarm unit when triggered. Up to 12 sensors can be installed per alarm. The system can be armed in an "at home" mode which allows you to bypass zones and can also be armed and disarmed silently so as to not bother your neighbours. The 650 also incorporates a remote activated panic facility.
Another Key feature is the ability to integrate with our GSM and GPS based security products. When a zone is triggered by the 650 alarm it can then trigger our MTP3 GSM pager unit to send an SMS alert to the owners mobile phone. Or if the 650 boat alarm was connected to our GSM/GPS tracking system it can then send an SMS alert to the owner and the owner can actually track the boat with great accuracy at any time via the internet.
Autowatch 650rl Boat Alarm/Caravan Alarm System
Autowatch 650rl Remotes.
Autowatch 650rl Caravan/boat Alarm System.
Key features: • Wireless sensors (PIR and Reed switches) • Door, window and hatch protection  • "At Home" and "away" modes • Night Light feature on disarm for safety, gaining entry into your boat/caravan • Remote Activated panic • Touch Key override.
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